The story always comes first – it’s paramount. A lot of actresses who I’ve worked with have said that this is a tricky age – you can’t quite do the coming of age roles anymore, or maybe you don’t want to, and nobody has seen you as a young woman yet. 'Brooklyn' was perfect for me. I’ve done a couple of biggish movies, but it was never down to exposure or money. I remember there was a toss-up between a big action film and Atonement, but I knew what I wanted to do. People make different decisions regarding their work, for different reasons. I keep it as simple as I can.” Saoirse Ronan for Wonderland Magazine (October 2014)

Saoirse Ronan photographed for Wonderland Magazine 2014

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Koyaanisqatsi (1982; dir. Godfrey Reggio; cinematography Ron Fricke)

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Quelques œuvres de l’Épopée slave (1928) d’Alfons Mucha

  1. Introduction à la liturgie slave, Huile sur toile, 1912
  2. Le Roi hussite Jiří z PoděbradHuile sur toile, 1910-1928
  3. L’affranchissement des paysans russes, Huile sur toile, 1914
  4. La Défense de Szeged contre les turques, Huile sur toile, 1910-1928
  5. Le Serment d’Omladina, Huile sur toile, 1910-1928
  6. Le Dernier Jour de Jan Amos Komensky, Huile sur toile, 1918

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Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

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I ate those courtesans all the time and they were amazing! They found this baker from down the road in Görlitz, Germany, where we were shooting, and she made all of the beautiful pastries that we took home and ate every night! And there were so many other fantastic desserts back at the hotel that Tony couldn’t eat. Wes brought this amazing Italian chef in to cook for us every day. It was amazing. I got an email before I headed to Görlitz asking me if I had any dietary requirements! I said, “No, just give me food, I’ll eat anything!” - Saoirse Ronan

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There was nowhere to go but everywhere

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